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Output Size: Depends on the material

Capacity: 0.2-20 m3/min


Mining,metallurgy,coal,construction,chemical industry,etc.


Flotation machine is the abbreviation of the flotation machine, refers to the completion of the flotation process of mechanical equipment. In the flotation machine, the slurry treated with medicament is mixed and aerated, so that some of the ore particles are selectively fixed on the bubbles; Float to the pulp surface to be scraped out to form a foam product, and the rest is retained in the pulp to achieve the purpose of mineral separation. The floatation machine is a major equipment for separating jobs in dressing plant and is widely used in the beneficiation process of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal, rare metals, coal preparation, and other industrials.


1.Easy and safe operation
2.Stable performance
3.Large air-absorption capacity and low power consumption